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Signal transducer and activator of transcription-3...

Author: Aggarwal B.B.;Kunnumakkara A.B.;Harikumar K.B.;Gupta S.R.;Tharakan S.T.;Koca C.;Dey S.;Sung B.

What is new for an old molecule? systematic review...

Author: Vang O.;Ahmad N.;Baile C.A.;Baur J.A.;Brown K.;Csiszar A.;Das D.K.;Delmas D.;Gottfried C.;Lin H.Y.;Ma Q.Y.;Mukhopadhyay P.;Nalini N.;Pezzuto J.M.;Richard T.;Shukla Y.;Surh Y.J.;Szekeres T.;Szkudelski T.;Walle T.;Wu J.M.

Polarity and temporality of high-resolution Y-chro...

Author: Sengupta S.;Zhivotovsky L.;King R.;Mehdi S.;Edmonds C.;Chow C.;Lin A.;Mitra M.;Sil S.;Ramesh A.;Rani M.;Thakur C.;Cavalli-Sforza L.;Majumder P.;Underhill P.

The sorption of lead(II) ions on rice husk ash...

Author: Naiya T.K.;Bhattacharya A.K.;Mandal S.;Das S.K.

Green synthesized silver nanoparticles destroy mul...

Author: Das B.;Dash S.;Mandal D.;Ghosh T.;Chattopadhyay S.;Tripathy S.;Das S.;Dey S.;Das D.;Roy S.

Genotoxicity of titanium dioxide (TiO2)...

Author: Ghosh M.;Bandyopadhyay M.;Mukherjee A.

Role of defects in tailoring structural, electrica...

Author: Dutta S.;Chattopadhyay S.;Sarkar A.;Chakrabarti M.;Sanyal D.;Jana D.