Department of Philosophy

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Dr Priyambada  Sarkar 

Professor Western Analytic Philosophy, Wittgenstein, Applied... View Profile

Dr Manidipa  Sanyal 

Professor Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language... View Profile

Dr Dilip Kumar Mohanta 

Professor Modern and Contemporary Indian Indian Philosophy C... View Profile

Dr Krishna  Chatterjee 

Associate Professor Indian Philosophy... View Profile

Dr Sharmistha  Bakshi 

Associate Professor Philosophical Logic, Analytic Philosophy, Ethics... View Profile

Dr Shyamasree  Bhattacharyya 

Assistant Professor Philosophy of Mind and Language, Western Epistemol... View Profile

Dr Shilpita  Mitra 

Assistant Professor Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics,... View Profile

Dr Mahjabeen  Jahan 

Assistant Professor Western Logic, Philosophy of Language/ Analytic Ph... View Profile

Mr Pralayankar  Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor Socio-Political Philosophy, Ethics, Existentialism... View Profile

Ms Sunanda  Das

Assistant Professor Psychology, Philosophy of Religion... View Profile