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Dr Debatosh Guha

Professor Microwave and Antenna Engineering... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Ranjan Das

Professor Photonic Devices and Systems including Nanophotoni... View Profile

Mr Anirban  Bhattacharyya

Lecturer Crystal growth and Epitaxy Semiconductor Device Fa... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Biswas

Associate Professor Semiconductor Device Modeling, Circuit and Device ... View Profile

Dr Abhirup Das Barman

Associate Professor Optical Communication, Cognitive Radio... View Profile

Dr Ashik  Paul

Associate Professor Space Weather, GNSS... View Profile

Dr Gopa Sen

Associate Professor Research Interest Microwave and mmWave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Soumya  Pandit

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade VLSI Circuits and Systems, Compact Modeling of Sem... View Profile

Dr Anisha Halder  Roy

Assistant Professor Control System... View Profile

Mr Anjan  Kundu

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Arpita Das

Assistant Professor Medical Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Soft ... View Profile

Dr Avik  Chattopadhya

Assistant Professor Nanoelectronics, VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Bratati  Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures Semiconduc... View Profile

Dr Jawad Y Siddiqui

Assistant Professor Applied Electromagnetics, Printed Antennas, UWB An... View Profile

Dr Kaushik  Mandal

Assistant Professor Microstrip Antenna... View Profile

Dr Pulak  Mondal

Assistant Professor VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Santanu  Mondal

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Santu Sarkar

Assistant Professor Communication... View Profile

Dr Shampa  Guin

Assistant Professor Photonics... View Profile

Dr Soma  Barman

Assistant Professor Genomic Signal Processing, DNA modelling, Gene Pre... View Profile

Dr Souvik   Majumder

Assistant Professor Space Science and Communication... View Profile

Dr Suchismita  Tewari

Assistant Professor Semiconductor devices and circuits, VLSI... View Profile

Dr Sumitra  Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Soft Computing, Control Systems Engineering... View Profile